Understanding different styles and shape ideas and products to solve the needs of very different environments. Synthesizing the combination of elements with great care and attention to solve in a functional, creative and thought way even the smallest detail.


Classic style

Shapes and colors, in the classical style, recalling the tradition and craftsmanship made in Italy, with fine looking and elegant furniture. Our collections are made in classic style by the best brands.


Contemporary style

The contemporary style is characterized by simplicity, elegance and clean lines. Giving prominence to color, space and form, the contemporary furnishings are elegant and fresh addition to marry the hi-tech.



The collections for the office furniture bring elegance and attention to detail. The comfort of the chairs and the style of furniture, combined with the practical use of space, contain the essence of office compositions.



A dip in the pool or relax in the open air? Even the outdoor spaces require a decor at: practical and comfortable, with quality suitable accessories to bring to life the most of the free time of the whole family.

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