The company was established in 1892 by Pietro Rubinelli, a skilled and creative craftsman who dedicated his time, first and foremost, to the construction of furnishings for churches: collection boxes, altars, confessional boxes.

Over the years, his workshop became a de facto school for woodworking and the crafting of furnishings.

Understandably, Pietro’s son, Gaudenzio, spent his formative years in the workshop. From an early age, he showed a real aptitude for art, and his skills were then developed at the Grignasco School of Design, the Institute of Artisans in Milan and the Regina Elena Institute at Ponte di Legno, where he completed several diplomas and received a number of awards.

A notable example of his sculptural masterpieces is located in Fontaneto d’Agogna: the wooden statute of Saint Martin, which he created at the tender age of nineteen.

At the same time, the workshop produced not only pieces on commission but also original works in various styles. Drawings of many of the original works – and some of the works themselves – have remained intact.

Pier Giuseppe, an able entrepreneur, made his father’s business more modern and dynamic. While continuing to focus on restorations and the production of crafted pieces and vestments, he opened the current showroom in 1975.

Alongside its own furnishings, the company also began to retail furniture and designer furnishings from leading brands, thus achieving the perfect balance between the classic and the innovative.

By leveraging this cultural heritage, RUBINELLI MOBILI has now reached its fourth generation, and is run by Pier Giuseppe’s three children: Luciana, Elena and Gaudenzio.

The company continues to produce original furniture and pieces designed by established masters with a view to delivering unique, customised furnishing solutions that make the most of the properties of wood and feature exceptionally high-quality finishes.

By combining cutting-edge design, elegant forms and painstaking attention-to-detail, the company has succeeded in making a name for itself both national and internationally, with a client base that demands nothing but the very best.

Company Profile

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